The Bigger Empty – Thread
This song was recorded here, and they came back to the studio to shoot this music video.

Mike Felumlee – Monster Quester
Mike sent this song to the History Channel and they liked so much they made a video for the Monster Quest Website.

Allister – Runaway
Unfortunately Allister wasn’t able to do their last record with us due to a scheduling conflict, but they did come back to record their video for “Runaway” in our Live Room.

Pennie the Christmas Pickle
And now for something completely different. We did this Christmas song over the summer for a childrens book. Enjoy!

The Audio Bakery Sessions
Here is The Audio Bakery, causeing mayhem.

Mike Rob – Stop Hating
Hip Hop artist Mike Rob shot a video for one of his tracks using fotage from in the studio.

Rude Boys -Unbeleiveable
The Rude Boys shot this video during a recent session.

Freddy-Booth Withdrawal
This song was tracked at CSL by Freddy in the spring, video came out great.